Ed is passionate about developing youth and building men. In his current capacity, he is working with hundreds of international students from China and Chinese American students through his own company and the non-profit organizations he serves. In addition, Ed is working with his mentor Brent Hoover, to develop the Trailhead Fellowship, a fellowship for Chinese men in North America. Finally, Ed teaches Marvel Morning, a daily personal development program to help Chinese people in China and overseas, to become the best version of themselves. He is the owner of Premier Education Partners, Co-founder of YouStrong Coalition and a Board Member of Austin Chinese-American Network. 

Prior to 2014, Ed worked at Dell and P&G for about two decades in various management positions. He graduated from Peking University with a BA and University of Michigan with an MBA. 

Ed loves outdoor adventures and connecting people from different backgrounds. He was the captain of the celebrated Peking University Mountaineering Team and a first-class mountaineer in China with a 24,700 ft record (Mt. Muztagata 1993). He lives in Austin Texas with his wife, a daughter, a son and a dog. 

Ed’s motto is Do Hard Things. He came to Christ in 2004. His testimony will be published as part of Peking University Testimonies III but you can read it on his blog. (从追求成功到跟从耶稣)